Photo: Garrett Grove,
Valhallas, British Columbia

Where will you take your new tent?
Get to know the redesigned Hubba™ NX series.

Photo: -----

The MSR® Reactor® is the world's fastest, most fuel-efficient all-condition stove system.

Photo: Paul Bride,
Bugaboos, Canada

MSR® uses rigorous lab and field testing to assure you a reliable source of safe water, anywhere on earth.

Photo: Peter Mathis,
Chamonix, France

Backcountry snowboarder Mitch Toelderer scopes his line after ascending with the help of the lightweight, aggressive Lightning™ Ascent snowshoes.

Photo: Eric Larsen,
Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Ryan Waters’ expedition support tools: the new ultralight and ultra-strong Flight™ 3 backcountry poles.


MSR® Wearables


The MSR® Story:

MSR(Mountain Safety Research)が設立された理由、それは「すべての登山家のバックカントリーでの安全を守る」というただ一つの目的のためでした。MSRは何十年にもわたりその使命を忠実に守り抜き、MSRの技術とサイエンスを駆使し、登山家が直面する問題への解決策を探求し続けてきました。

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